9 years ago, in April of 2007, I created an auction on eBay to sell all my belongings. The reasons why are detailed in my blog I wrote during the process: http://lisasbigauction.blogspot.com

I feel overall positive about the anniversary, in that I have kept my possessions fewer than before. Still, I purged things I would like to have now, for example some family heirlooms that were functional, small decorative items that were gifts, and serving dishes. I threw the baby out with the diaper pail. In retrospect it is easy to say I should have been more discriminating in what I got rid of, however maybe it was the process that has led me to evaluate what I have and what I need.

One thing that I am much less likely to keep around is paper. Scanners and electronic copies of most records means I can keep thousands of pages of paper and photos on my hard drive and external drive. Unfortunately that means that, instead of papers that I keep filed, I have electronic data that is not organized and keeps accumulating.

How have you dealt with organizing and archiving of electronic data?