Hi. I’m Lisa and I’m a recovering financially irresponsible person. Like millions of other Americans, including 71% of college seniors (according the the Project on Student Loan Debt), I took out student loans to go to school. Like millions of others I also bought into the need for credit cards and like many others I was never really taught how to use money wisely.

In other words, I am just like you.

In 2007 I was in debt $150,000 from 3 degrees, 3 credit cards and one car loan.

In 2014 I have $10,000 in student loans left, a car lease at $147/month, and no revolving credit card debt.

The purpose of this blog is threefold: First, to give you the information you need to pay down your debt and live debt-free. Second,to promote the philosophy of minimalism. And third, to tell my story on the path of better living through minimalism, debt-reduction and communication.